Roku Women’s Fellowship

TWM & Roku Women’s Fellowship

As a PNG owned and operated business, since 2011, we are passionate about working with the local communities to build sustainable environmental and social change together.

The people of Roku village, our local neighbours at our Integrated Waste Management Facility, have been long, trusted and valuable partners in helping to develop, implement and measure impact initiatives. One example of our close partnership is the Roku Women’s Fellowship.

The Roku Women’s Fellowship are a group of about 50 women from the village who meet regularly to discuss community wellbeing initiatives and are involved in many of the core services within the community, including;  schooling, education, sports, health care etc.

Environmental Impact Study

The Women’s Fellowship were a key stakeholder, and important partner, in our recent environmental impact study. The members provided feedback and insights to our field consultant on matters of community health, education, security and crime. 

The inputs from the group helped us to better understand a broad range of important issues, including:

  • The potential impacts to groundwater and surface water resources.
  • Dust, noise, disease vectors and vermin issues that can result from site operations. 
  • Opportunities for employment and education of women.

The Fellowship also itemised water supply, rubbish management, wastewater management as critical areas for improvement in the village noting the direct impacts to community health, the environment and the impact of livelihoods. 

TWM Group Support and Initiatives

As part of our community support programme, TWM Group has assisted Roku village in the following ways:

  • Assistance in employment opportunities at our Roku Integrated Waste Management Facility.
  • Collaboration with the landowner group to nominate households for inclusion in the recent waste audit program. 35 households participated and the analysis of the data will be provided to the landowner group which is hoped will inform future waste services and environmental services to be delivered to the village by TWM Group.
  • Provision of products for the Roku Women’s Fellowship to use in their fundraising activities.
  • The supply of sporting uniforms. 
  • Coordination of the 2019 World Environment Day celebrations and foreshore clean-up and rubbish removal at Roku village.

To find out more about how you can help with the Roku Women’s Fellowship or how you can get involved with any of our upcoming Community Projects, please contact our team.

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