Total Waste Management

A Leader in Integrated Solutions for Waste & Water Services

Total Waste Management is a part of the TWM Group and provides deep expertise in delivering customised, world-class waste and water services solutions across PNG and the Pacific region.


Total Waste Management is led by a senior management team with extensive international experience in delivering Liquid and Solid Waste solutions, Operations and Project Management. Each project is planned and delivered to the highest regulatory and compliance standards, resulting in TWM Group being recognised and a world-class leader by our local and international clients partners. 

Experienced, Collaborative & Results Orientated

Since 2011, TWM Group has delivered some of the largest and most complex Waste and Water projects in PNG, across the region and internationally. 


Our technical knowledge and experience, coupled with a highly trained and skilled workforce, of over 120 PNG nationals, and responsive project management systems ensures that we  work closely with you to deliver each project with maximum efficiency, minimizing downtime and with safety and impact at the core of all project plans and the decision making process.

Total Waste & Water Solutions

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Management, Treatment, and Disposal

Provision of both in country treatment and export based disposal solutions

Innovative solutions to general solid waste issues and domestic, commercial and industrial waste

Sourcing and supply of parts and equipment through our global procurement and partner network

Provision of both in-country treatment and export-based disposal solutions

A Leader in regulatory and compliance focused, responsible management of all streams of Medical waste

Liquid and solid waste management under approved permit conditions

Tailored solutions for sorting and segregation for greater market accessibility

Liquid Waste

Routine maintenance services

Design, construction, operation and maintenance

Design, construction, operation and maintenance

Design, construction, operation and maintenance

Under regulatory and permit conditions

Asset Management

✅ Tailored solutions for all rolling and static equipment using state of art software

Qualifies and highly experienced staff provide training and implementation programs

Our Commitment to Continuous Improvement & QHSSE

Since 2011, TWM Group had been focused on creating the safest working environment possible on every project site and minimising environmental impact. 


Total Waste Management is a leader in the end to end waste management. Our highly trained staff work to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO45001 and are supported by responsive project management systems to ensure that we can tailor solutions to meet both your needs and the specific needs of the environment to ensure that the project meets the highest standards.


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