Creating a better reality for Papua New Guinea,
our Environment, People and Culture

We are Proudly
Papua New Guinean

We are a proudly Papua New Guinean registered and owned business. As a Purpose and Values-driven company, since 2011 we have been focused on setting the benchmark across the areas of our technical services in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific, while helping to create a better reality for Papua New Guinea, our environment, people and culture.

Our Values

Lead The Way

We pride ourselves in leading the way and setting the standards through our actions, communication and results.

We Care

We care for our people. Empowering you to care for yourself and others.

Be Safe

We make no compromise when it comes to your safety, no matter how challenging the environment.

Be Honest

We expect and demand an honest working culture.

Live Your Legacy

Create a positive impact today, for a better tomorrow.

Act Sustainably

Work together and be innovative, for the benefit of the economy, environment, and society

Lukautim kantri bilong yumi
Caring for our country

Wherever you see TWM GROUP, you will often see the words Lukautim kantri bilong yumi which translates as Caring for our country in our language, Tok Pisin. We place Safety, Impact and Living Our Legacy at the centre of every decision, process, partnership and project that we engage in.

Community Projects

Protecting our unique natural and cultural heritage and helping our people to grow and develop through training, education and sport is a foundational element of our corporate charter. Since inception, we have proudly injected 1.25 million kina into community sponsorship programs.See below for some of our Community Project Profiles.

TWM Group has developed, or partnered in the development of a range of Community Based Programmes

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